Managing communications infrastructure involves expensive time, high costs and sometimes very expensive third-party applications.

Cloud computing and integrated infrastructure give business value to the organization, but they also add complexity.

Networks must keep pace and evolve faster and faster to work with modern applications.

Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework ™ (AMF) helps IT do this only by significantly reducing the time and management of network infrastructure.

AMF delivers real and immediate business value by solving one of the most pressing IT needs. It provides an integrated infrastructure that can be managed as a single entity, reducing complexity and total cost of ownership, and allowing to do more with less.

The AMF provides the following tools:

  • Unified network management from any point on the network.
    For example, setting up Vlan on a network of 100 switches is done using only one command.
  • Graphic management of the network with Vista Manager.
  • Network automation that simplifies and runs tasks across the network.
  • Automatic backup’s and restore devices when they are added to the network.
    For example, if a switch is dropped and a new switch is brought, it is replaced the faulty switch and the network then loads the correct configuration and the appropriate operating system.
  • With a combination of AMF features you dramatically reduce network operating and maintenance costs (OPEX), some customers have reported a 60% reduction in network operational costs by using AMF.