The solutions currently available in the WiFi market are based on the Micro Cell technology. Each AP works on a different frequency, which creates a radio design problem and creates co-channel interference, which causes disconnections and low service level for the users.

Allied Telesis Hybrid Wireless solution addresses this problem by using Blanket technology. All AP's work on the same frequency and users are connected all the time without the need for Roaming. At the same time, you can also integrate Micro Cell design because of this it is called a Hybrid solution.

The Blanket solution is especially evident in the new AC Wave2 standard. In this standard, each radio channel is 80Mhz. Therefore, a Micro Cell solution can’t be implemented in large organizations due to lack of frequencies for use (also the channel space in Israel is limited to 5150Ghz-5350Ghz)

  • This solution is suitable for logistics centers that are constantly changing due to inventory levels. The Blanket solution provides coverage for the logistics area and all users are connected permanently without disconnecting when switching from one AP to another AP.
  • Organizations that need communication without disconnecting. For example, using VoIP / Video, these applications do not suffer from disconnections. Blanket provides a perfect solution for these applications.
  • Areas with a high density of people using the Blanket can increase the bandwidth to those people by installing more AP's in the same area (using the Micro Cell there is a limit to the amount of AP's due to radio design).
  • Up to 3 Blankets can be configured to increase bandwidth for users.